Hair Pins

Get artificial flowers at a craft store like Michael’s. Look for ones that will lie rather flat on your head and avoid those that have a larger round bulb at the point where the flower’s head meets its stem. That way, your pin won’t look like some sort of alien creation sticking up out of your head. Also buy hair clips at a supply store like Sally’s Beauty Supplies. Figure out the flower arrangement you want for your hair clip including leaves, which you will use to camouflage and cover the silver hair clip. Separate your flower(s) and leaves from their stems. Crop the flower very close to its stem so that it will lie as flat as possible on top of the clip. We used gardening clippers. Now open your hair clip and place something in its teeth to catch the excess glue so that your clip will not stick together. We used excess leaves. Next, hot glue your leaves on top of the clip, covering its silver shape completely. Now glue on your flower(s). When the glue was dry we removed and discarded the excess leaves we used to catch glue that seeped through.

Note: If your flower starts to come apart, just glue its bottom layer to the leaves and glue each successive layer to that until you’re done building the flower back up. Also, if you want to do a hair pin with a peacock feather or other non-floral centerpiece instead, you can use scraps of fabric to cover the sliver clip instead of leaves.

For another example of hair pins see this example.

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