About Us

The Four Ladies of Craft Night

Jess enjoys painting, drawing, calligraphy, crafting and baking. She also likes books, writing, pilates, the gym, camping and horses. She would like to get better at cooking and sewing. Her other websites are Jessvii the Artsy, Jessvii the Crafty, and Jessvii Recipes.

Stacy enjoys crocheting, sewing, cooking and crafting. She aspires to be as crafty as her aunt. Her other websites are Crochet Kitten and Crochet Kitten on Etsy.

GBob enjoys sci-fi TV and is also a movie buff. She is determined to master her sewing machine so she can make her own costumes.

Sarah enjoys knitting, crafting and cooking. At one time she considered becoming a professional chef. She also likes reading and writing. Her other website is Speak Boylese and Shock and D'aww on Etsy.