Dream Catchers

Procedure: We purchased bendable floral twine from the wreath section of Michaels and used it to create the circular outline of the dream-catcher. We wound it around a few times to make it stronger. Then we used white embroidery thread to make the inner webbed design. We tied one end of the thread to the top of the catcher, then pulled it and wrapped it around the catcher (forming a line) to make about six lines going the full way around the circle. That was level one, the furthest away from the center of the catcher. For level two, instead of looping the thread around the circle, we looped it around the thread from level one. This pulled the thread from the previous level and gave it a nice tension. We then did the third level of thread-wrapping and tied the thread off at the end to close the web. We made sure to leave the center of the dream-catcher open because in theory that is supposed to be the spot where dreams pass through. The last step was to hang three trailing strands of beads and feathers from the bottom of the catcher.
Tip: Stacy’s cats went crazy for the peacock feathers, so keep pets in mind when designing and hanging your dream-catcher.
Note: For my dream-catcher, I actually strung beads on my embroidery thread all the way around when doing the webbing for a unique effect.

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