Beginner Crochet Projects

Starbucks Cozy project: Crochet a row that is the height you want your finished cup cozy to be. Continue crocheting rows until your cozy can fit snuggly around a cup. To close and finish your project, just crochet into your original row and tie a knot or bow.

Crochet Bracelet project: Crochet about 6 chain stitches to begin this project. That will be the width of your bracelet. Turn and crochet the subsequent rows until the bracelet is a comfortable length for your wrist. To switch colors, just knot the new color of yarn to the old yarn, cut off the old yarn after your knot, and continue to crochet.

For those who do not know how to crochet: Repeatedly make a chain until you have your first row. Now you’re going to crochet the second row from right to left. Make an extra chain stitch. Now dip your needle into the top of the last loop of your first row. You will now have two loops on your needle. Next, hook yarn on your needle and drag that yarn back through only the first loop on your needle. At this point you will have two loops on your crochet hook. Now hook yarn on the end of your needle and drag that yarn through both of your loops. Now you will again have only one loop on your needle. Time to start over! Dip your needle into the top of the next loop to your left so you have two loops your needle and continue by pulling yarn through the first loop only and then through both loops. When you get to the end of your second row, flip your piece 180 degrees so you’re once again starting on your right. Make an extra chain stitch. For your third row, and any row you start after that, dip your needle in under the V-shape of your last regular stitch. You will now have one V and one loop on your needle. Pull yarn under the V only, resutling in two loops on your needle. Pull the yarn through both loops and get ready for your next stitch! Dip in under the next V-shape and continue!!

For those with advanced crochet skills: Check out Stacy's website, Crochet Kitten!

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