Carving Halloween Pumpkins 2010

Procedure: We carved pumpkins. First we carved around the stems with a large knife, entered our pumpkins, then removed their seeds and gooey insides with a pumpkin-carving spoon. I lightly drew my design on my pumpkin with a brown marker, then cut it out with thin pumpkin-carving knives. Stacy printed her design out on her printer, traced her design by pricking through the paper, then cut out where she'd pinned with a pumpkin-carving knife.

Pumpkins 4

Design Credits:
From left top row: T-Fighter Spacecraft by Neuralclone and AGirlCalledBobGotham City Skyline by StacyGhost and TombstoneJack Skellington by Mox_EScary Cat byJessBatman by Nick

Cat Credits: It's the notorious Froy from CrochetKitten.com!

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