Jewelry Crafting

General supplies: Choose your beads plus wire cutters, jewelry pliers and crimp beads.
General directions: Follow this tutorial.
Our necklaces:
  • GBob's Necklace (top left) - Use jewelry wire and make 3 or 4 strands of equal length, interspersing slightly larger beads for variety. Thread pendant onto necklace. Attach all strands to a multi-strand clasp.
  • Jess' Necklace (top right) - Thread all beads onto jewelry wire and close with a lobster claw clasp. Symmetry is important.
  • Stacy's Shell Necklace (above) - Follow directions for Jess' necklace.
  • Stacy's Crochet Marker Bracelet (above) - Use six large lobster claw clasps to make crochet markers and attach them to jewelry chain
  • Stacy's Yarn Spinner Necklace (right) - Attach yarn spinner and beads to a long crocheted strand.

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