Homemade Ornaments

We used yarn, ribbon, sewing pins and Styrofoam balls
to make these ornaments at a holiday party!
For design #1: Use thick ribbon, tie into 6 knots, close the loop, and add a bell.
For design #2: Pin pieces of three colors of ribbon into place on ball.
For design #3: Wrap three colors of yarn around Styrofoam ball.
For design #4: Wrap yarn around a paper ornament form.
For design #5: Wrap yarn around ball and secure with pins at top and bottom. Add extra pins and wrap yarn around them on side of ornament.
For design #6: Wrap ribbon around Styrofoam ball, securing with hot glue as needed, and finish with pins on top and bottom.
For design #7: Wrap thick ribbon vertically around ball and wrap a thinner ribbon around it.
For design #8: Use small design pins to secure a small bead and a sequin all over ball.

For more inspiration see this example and this other example.

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