Sugar Cookie "Gingerbread" Sculptures/Houses

Stacy and I baked sugar cookies. They baked up a lot wider and rounder than expected.

  • To make the red and black cookies we used gel food coloring. We used liquid food coloring for the green cookies.
  • For the pine trees, we made 2 trees, cut one in half, and spackled with icing.
  • For the black tree, we made a small circle cookie, cut it in half, and used it as a tree stand.
  • For the Charlie Brown and Lucy cookies, we dyed white icing with food coloring to get yellow, blue, black and pink.
  • For our mortar/icing, we used white Betty Crocker Easy Squeeze Decorating Icing

Note: We'll add shaved coconut for snow to the Snoopy display. We use cake-takers to transport the cookies.

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